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Iowa Department of Administrative Services Social Media Intern in Des Moines, Iowa

Social Media Intern



Social Media Intern


Des Moines - 50319 - Polk County, IA

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005 Department of Administrative Services

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11/29/2020 11:59 PM Central

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Ericka Acosta at

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Job Description

TheDepartment of Administrative Services is looking to fill a Social Media Intern (Administrative Intern)to assist the state.

This is an Unpaid Internship

Schedule: Work remotely, 10 - 15 hours per week

Job Responsibilities:

  • Assist with the implementation of social media strategies that build brand awareness and generate inbound traffic

  • Stay current with social media trends and best practices

  • Research opportunities for new social marketing platforms and recommend new social media strategies

  • Generate and edit content daily following company policies

  • Discuss completed and pending tasks with team members, as well as introduce new ideas that create excitement and organization

  • Write, develop and strategize online content production and scheduling based on company and community policies

  • Moderate user-generated content and messages appropriately, based on company policies

  • Track and analyze analytics reports to gain insight on traffic, demographics, and effectiveness; utilize this information to positively affect future outcomes

  • Build meaningful connections and encourage community members through dialog and messaging based on company policies

  • Engage in relevant social discussion about the organization, brand, and/or industry from existing customers and new guests/audiences

  • Maintain a strong brand presence that is uniform across all social media platforms, including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.

  • Take a lead role in research activities, brainstorms, and development of social tactics utilizing available resources and understanding of outlined metrics

  • Create a social media content calendar

  • Report on the state of social media accounts and create weekly/quarterly reports

Ideal candidates will exemplify our Core Values and:

  • Support and demonstrate company purpose and vision

  • Honor all commitments

  • Respond to stakeholder and management requests within 24 hours

  • Organize and prioritize your work utilizing company information technology & software

  • Seek opportunities for personal growth and development

Department of Administrative Services Core Purpose:

Enhance the quality of life for Iowans by empowering people through unparalleled collaboration and customer service.

Department of Administrative Services Core Values:

One Team– We collaborate, connect, and share. We are better together

Betterment– We are continually learning, evolving and finding ways to improve the services we provide

Risk Advantageous – We are willing to ask questions to shape new possibilities. We embrace innovation.

Integrity– We have the courage to be our best selves.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

Applicants for positions in this class must be currently enrolled students in a degree program at an accredited educational institution, as determined by the Iowa Department of Administrative Services – Human Resources Enterprise.

For additional information, please click on thislink to view the job description.


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State of Iowa


005 Department of Administrative Services


Hoover State Office Building1305 E Walnut StDes Moines, Iowa, 50319