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Iowa Department of Administrative Services Rehabilitation Counselor Intern in Des Moines, Iowa

Rehabilitation Counselor Intern



Rehabilitation Counselor Intern


$7.25 - $21.65 Hourly


Des Moines - 50319 - Polk County, IA

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283 Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services

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7/21/2019 11:59 PM Central

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Job Description

Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services (IVRS) is looking to fill Rehabilitation Counselor Intern position for the fall semester.

During this 1 semester internship, the intern will complete 600+ clock hours with supervision. The intern will have a minimum of 240 hours of direct contact with job candidates. The intern will have an opportunity to carry a caseload of up to 50 individuals and provide a variety of services with support.

Provide counseling and guidance to adults and students in transition, providing pre-employment transition services to potentially eligible students in transition, and serving adults. Serve and develop relationships with business and industry enhancing employment opportunities in competitive integrated settings. Demonstrate collaborative relationship building with businesses through providing services to business to meet their employment needs. Provide counseling and guidance to persons with disabilities including students regarding eligibility, plan development and vocational rehabilitation counseling leading to employment.

Learn the business culture and business needs in the local area to inform individuals with disabilities on the demands expected by employers. Identify necessary accommodations to enhance the individual's ability to do the work as required by the business or industry. Use the information to counsel and guide individuals with disabilities to make an informed choice. Delegate follow up to team staff once the case is progressing as planned. Provide consultation and technical assistance to community rehabilitation providers facilitating counseling and employment activities.

Provide counseling to students at the post-secondary institutions, transition and adult caseloads. Actively work with individuals receiving SSI/SSDI and identifying and problem solving benefits planning. Network with Apprenticeship programs and other resources to advance individuals with disabilities into middle skilled occupations, integrating key concepts of Future Ready Iowa.

Develop jobs that match the employment plan and abilities of the client to secure solid and stable employment for Job candidates. Provide job placement services to job candidates to ensure attaining and retaining employment. Provide education and training to employers so that the business environment and culture is conducive to diversity of job candidates. Delegate research on business background to team staff so that initial and subsequent contacts are professional and focused on the employer's needs. Collaborate with workforce partners to align service delivery and increase capacity creating expanded employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

Analyze disability information and determine eligibility or ineligibility for applicants. Complete analysis of disability and determine Significance of Disability classification. Review IRSS, our case management system, for completeness and accuracy. Collaborate with the office team to develop and review progress on the Individual Plans for Employment (IPE). Participate in student IEP/Transition meetings and develop employment plans prior to high school graduation. Develop employment plans with the job candidates that utilizes their talents and abilities, considers their interests and preferences, and addresses accommodation needs to minimize barriers to employment. Develop employment plans within 90 days of eligibility. Coordinate services needed for the IPE completion to assist the job candidate in attaining their optimal level of employment. Demonstrate an understanding regarding assessing the need for assistive technology and enlisting the services of the AT Specialists, Self-employment and other specialty areas impacting employment.

Work with office team and delegate work to attain compliance with regulatory requirements. Follow and interpret federal regulations in all decision making and apply policies consistently to all cases. Dictate, or communicate case notes and correspondence. Submit files for closure to team. Delegate case management to team staff. Travel to meet with job candidates, partners and businesses at various community locations. Demonstrate an understanding and implementation of case documentation to meet state and federal regulations.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

Applicants for positions in this class must be currently enrolled students in a degree program at an accredited educational institution, as determined by the Iowa Department of Administrative Services – Human Resources Enterprise.

For additional information, please click on thislink to view the job description.

Additional Qualification Requirements

Preferred Applicants:

  1. Currently enrolled in a graduate program in Rehabilitation Counseling, Social Work, or related field.

  2. Completed coursework and have 1 year or less to complete the program

  3. Provide proof of liability insurance coverage

  4. Provide a passed background check from Iowa Department of Public Safety

  5. Provide a copy of your transcripts showing up to date coursework that is completed

  6. Provide an updated resume


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